This is a newsreel containing a funeral for Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser, American soldiers in Vietnam, Cambodian prince Norodom Sihanouk, an address from Nixon, and troop intervention at Kent State. Begins with funeral procession of Nasser, shot of a soldier crying, Egyptian men shouting and crying, Troops carrying flower arrangements, a girl crying, Troops carrying Nasser’s casket. Millions of Egyptians in Cairo Square. Cuts to various shots of tanks driving through terrain in Vietnam. Cuts to various shots of American troops. Cambodian prince Norodom Sihanouk walking up steps, he enters a building and shakes hands with a man. Cuts to members of South Vietnamese government, they stand in front of a building, they sit at a meeting. A man giving a speech. Nixon addressing issues at the Cambodian/Vietnam border. A bell being rung, zoom out to Kent State. A soldier putting on a gas mask. Troops in a line, behind them a police officer speaks into a megaphone telling protesters to leave. Cuts to protesters shouting.