This newsreel contains stories of peace treaties and terrorist attacks; VO throughout. Nigerian officials shaking hands. Cuts to government members of West German and the Soviet Union signing a nonaggression pact, various shots of members signing. Cuts to Vietnamese and American officials meeting in Paris for peace talks. 3 men with champagne, Americans and Soviets meet for strategic arms limitation talks. Cuts to various members of the Big Four exiting cars and entering a building. The Egyptian President kissing cheeks of Soviet members promising air defenses in exchange for peace plans. Cuts to establishing shot of the White House, President Nixon and Israeli Golda Meir. Cuts to Nasser addressing Egyptian civilians. Cuts to United Nations, Gunnar Jarring sits with UN member to discuss Middle East and Israel peace mission. Cuts to various exterior shots in Middle East, brick fence, barbed wire with river in background, a truck driving, cuts back to brick fence where a soldier carries a gun. Cuts to airplanes mid-flight. Cuts to pan of an Austrian plane. Ends with shot of a destroyed Swiss plane.