Newsreel clips: Usaf(?) stands with Premier Malenkov beside him, announcing Malenkov’s resignation. Soldiers in dress uniforms smile and try to beckon shy young girl from mother after Austrian State Treaty is signed. Train chugs along with Russian soldiers waving from windows as they head home. President Eisenhower addresses United Nations representatives in San Francisco for UN’s 10th anniversary. Cars drive by building, presumably where representatives are meeting. Shot of UN meeting room. Close-ups of the “Big Four” in turn: President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin, Prime Minister Edgar Faure , and Prime Minister Anthony Eden. Big Four pose together in a row of chairs on a lawn. Eisenhower and wife deboard from plane and shake hands with people in waiting crowd. Eisenhower talks to press. Farmers walk by fenced in pigs (Russians and Americans visited each others’ farms--unclear who is visiting who here). Chicago Council of Foreign Relations talks to press, close-up of Vladimir Matskevich, Minister of Agriculture.