This newsreel contains footage of the aftermath of an earthquake in Peru, aftermath of a cyclone and tidal wave in Pakistan, environmental pollutants, and a youth protest. Begins with various shots of Peruvians carrying children, damaged buildings are all around them. Cuts to aid workers passing out food, a little girl receives a can. 2 boys, one eats a sandwich. Cuts to various shots of a destroyed Pakistan, dead cattle can be seen, people standing onshore, various shots of dead animals, a thin cow walks by a stream, a dog walks along rubble. Shirtless Pakistani men, a man soothing a crying child. A poster of Earth calling for help. Cuts to various shots of New York City. Cuts to various shots of black smoke funneling from pipes. Cuts to aerial shots of offshore oil spills, one rig is engulfed in flames. Dead fish floating in water. Nerve gas being sunk off the coast of Florida. Cuts to various shots of youths protesting on Earth Day.