This newsreel contains footage of hurricane Donna, footage of Agadir, Morocco after 2 earthquakes, aftermath of an earthquake in Chile which created tsunamis in Hawaii, Japan, and Australia; footage of Hawaii and Australia.Begins with MS of a tree being uprooted by the wind. Cuts to a bridge along the water as waves crash over the fence. Various shots of boats being rocked in the water, including one hitting a dock. Cuts to WS aerial of the coast of Agadir, Morocco. Shows the popular hotel Saada. Cuts to the Saada after 2 earthquakes, the building has collapsed but the sign remains perfectly intact. Various shots of destroyed buildings, cars, and rubble. MS of a soldier lifting a dead child from the rubble, bodies covered by sheets lay behind him. PAN of the road lined with dead bodies covered by sheets. Cuts to WS aerial of Chile. LS of a pathway, a house at the end has collapsed. Various shots of collapsed houses, destroyed cars, and rubble. Cuts to a map of South America, a radar signal, symbolizing the waves created by the earthquake, begins in Chile and carries across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, Japan, and Australia. A wave crashes. WS of the aftermath of the tsunami in Hawaii. WS of rubble and collapsed houses, a woman walks by holding a large bundle in her arms. 3 women pass each other supplies out of a house. Shots of mudslides occurring in Australia.