This newsreel contains footage of the attempted stabbing of the Pope by a Bolivian artist disguised as a priest, the funeral of Charles De Gaulle, and the aftermath of an earthquake in Peru. Begins with the Pope descending a staircase at an outdoor airport, cuts to men grabbing at the Bolivian artist. A car driving off the runway. Cuts to B&W footage of a man singing in French. Cuts to the memorial service for Charles De Gaulle inside a church, shots of people wearing black in pews and priests. A tank driving through a crowd, it carries De Gaulle’s casket with a French flag draped over it. Carious shots of people watching the procession, people can be seen taking photographs, soldiers salute. A mudslide. Cuts to a street in Peru with an enormous gap in it. Cuts to 2 Peruvians by a river, the woman washes her hands. Cattle drinking from a river. Cuts to various shots of Peruvians crossing a river over a few logs.