This newsreel contains footage of a mudslide, damage from a tidal wave in Japan, and antigovernment protests in Latin America. Begins with various shots of mud breaking off and falling into water. WS of a man on his boat that has been blown into a harbor, several boats around it are damaged. Cuts to WS of another boat on its side. Cuts to MS of uprooted train tracks. MS of a Japanese family, the daughter in a kimono stands by her grandmother, the mother holds her son’s hand. PAN of destroyed houses. Cuts to white text on black background: ‘Latin America’. MCU of Fidel Castro standing with government officials. WS of crowd. MS of Castro with Anastas Mikoyan waving at a crowd. MCU of the 2 men. PAN of anti-Communist Cubans on a hill. Various shots of them holding handguns. MS of Cubans holding rifles and running through high grass. Cuts to WS of people running down the street in Venezuela. Various shots of people running and ducking in the street, smoke grenades are thrown. Cuts to LS in Argentina, burning houses in BG. PAN of Argentinean army in a line. PAN of the crowd around the army. Cuts to WS of an enormous crowd of people walking through the street. MS of people marching with signs. MS PAN of men in suits and military attire, man on write reads from a paper.