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This clip shows some destruction of war, planes flying in formation, tanks traversing the desert and men going to war. MS of the ground and what looks like the aftermath of an attack. Cut to WS of a dead body. WS of a destroyed weapon. WS of a plane taking off. WS of people getting out of the way while a plane flies very close to the ground. WS of planes lined up in formation in the sky. EWS of soldiers walking across the desert. WS of men carrying weapons and walking. WS of planes flying in a formation. LS of tanks and men going past. WS of a tank driving. MS of several tanks driving over sand. STILL of a map with animated arrows overlaid. WS of soldiers in trenches. POV of soldier looking at the backs of the first line of defense. WS of artillery being fired. LS of smoke / dust in the distance. Cut to men climbing out of their trenches and running onto the battlefield and into smoke.