This clip advertises London, England, as a place to visit and discusses its tourist potential. A voice over narrates. It begins with an aerial of London. Cuts to cars passing on a street. A CU of a subway sign. People entering the subway and boarding trains. People walking down a village street filled with shops. People window shopping. A man exiting a red telephone booth. A woman working in a shop. A WS of a street with both foot traffic and car traffic. A WS of a police officer on a bicycle. A CU of a shop sign. People shopping on the street. CU’s of various shop signs. People buying flowers. People buying produce. A woman talking from her second story window. A couple walking into a pub. A wide shot of the interior of the pub. People talking at the bar. A CU of a hand taking down a plate of roast beef and slicing it. A CU of a woman looking at the food. A CU of the decor of the pub. A group of men on horseback trotting down a path. A WS of horse-drawn carriages. A CU of a carriage. Shots of various people and activities around London. A WS of Big Ben from across the river at sunset.