This clip advertises London, England, as a place to visit and discusses its tourist potential. A voice over narrates. It begins with a WS of a open doorway at the end of a dark corridor. CU’s of various shop and street signs. A MS of horses pulling a cart filled with beer kegs. Various aerial shots of London including a cathedral, London Bridge. Various shots of old forts. A CU of a guard. A CU of the guard’s medals and crests on his uniform. CU of a metal crest. CU of an old cannon. A WS of London Bridge with the cannons in the foreground. An aerial of the Thames River. An Aerial of a ship on the river. An aerial of the National Maritime Museum. Various aerial shots of London’s parks. A sailboat on a lake. A WS of people riding on horseback through a park. A shot of ducks on the lake. A WS of a man painting. A panning shot of a section of the park. A shot of a large white bird flapping its wings on a rock.