This clip advertises London, England, as a place to visit and discusses its tourist potential. A voice over narrates. It begins with a WS of geese flying around a pond. Two men on a horse-drawn carriage. A WS of a cathedral. A man walking along a pond at sunset. A man jogging through the park. People horseback riding next to cars in a street. A CU of a guard. A CU of a man exiting a subway station. A boy pushing a wooden hand cart. A man in a suit and top hat. A shot of Big Ben. An aerial shot of London. A shot of a statue of cupid. A wider shot of the statue. A shot of a sign for the starting point of a tour. People entering a double decker red tour bus. A man hailing a taxi. A bus driving down the street. A shot of a map of London. An aerial of London. Fades into a modern commercial building panning to the entrance of an old underground passageway. A man walking down an alleyway. Various shots of street signs.