This clip shows various shots of London, England and Paris, France, from 1969. It begins with a high aerial shot of Paris. Then its a series of close ups of street and building signs. Cuts to a POV looking out at Paris from an elevator moving up the Eiffel Tower. A series of close ups of statues. People walking up and down a busy street. A WS of of people eating at a street side cafe in Paris. An artist working on a painting. A WS of Buckingham Palace. A CU of the Triomf in London. Cars driving down a road with multiple lanes with the Triomf in the distant background. A vertical panning WS of fountains in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. People boarding a subway train in the underground. Cuts to people sitting in the train car. Cuts to a London double deck bus passing the camera and revealing Big Ben in the background. A shot of cars passing. A shot of a busy London street filled with people. A wide shot of people and traffic. A WS of the river with London in the background. A WS of London Bridge. A CU of Big Ben. A WS of Buckingham Palace from across the river.