Two little girls in matching outfits with bobs play on a beach and pick up shells. A woman and the little girls take turns burrying eachother in the sand. The girls sit on a stone wall with a woman standing behind them. The girls wear matching blue dresses and run into eachother on a lawn. They pose next to eachother in front of some ivy, CU of their faces. Two small girls play in the sand on a beach at low tide. A gil in a pink dress walks towards a fountain. Quick shot through an arch of a garden, looks like a mission in California. Two girls in matching pink dresses feed white doves. WS of an ostrich pulling a man in a buggy, like a horse. Two little girls climb into the buggy and take the reins. WS of the little girl and a man standing next to the ostrich. The girl pets it's neck. CU of the ostrich's face, very dignafied. A man in a hat and two little girls feed a group of ostriches over a fence.