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In this clip, a family with two little girls that wear matching outfits visit a mission and a beach, as well as play with doves and ostriches.A mother and father stand on an overlook with their two daughters as they gaze at mountains in the distance. CU of the father, he is in a suit. The family feed some deer, then the father is shown covered in doves. The girls get a chance to hold the birds as well. The doves flap wildly at the father before there is a cut to the girls walking along the beach. The older daughter shows off something she has found, and both girls smile for the camera, bows pulling their hair back. The mother and the younger girl cover the older daughter in sand on the beach; she emerges, then the mother and older daughter start to cover the younger daughter with sand. The mother and daughters are next shown by a country stone fence; the smaller girl sits atop it. The girls are shown in the backyard running into each other. The older daughter picks up the younger girl. The girls are shown on the beach again, this time assembling mounds of sand. One of the daughters strolls down a walkway leading up to a fountain. There is a shot of a mission church, then the girls, dressed in pink, feed some doves. Next, they get a ride from an ostrich that pulls a carriage. They wear adorable matching outfits. One of the girls pets the ostrich, and there is a CU of the ostrich’s face. The girl gets lightly pecked by the birds, kept fenced in, and she runs away.