This clip is the second part of a selection on the Jewel City at the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco. The clips starts where the last left off, with the girl running alongside giant columns, stumbling upon a giant pavilion. She runs in front of a fountain and domed building. She then flies above the domes and spires of the exhibition, looking like a specter as her transparent body soars up with the camera panning along the tops of the buildings. Another title card interrupts her flight momentarily. Next is a MS of a boy with a bandaged head and some soldiers that appear to be representative of the war in Europe. The girl from before releases a dove in WS in front of the Fountain of Energy. A cut to the boy reveals that the dove has flown to him, and he retrieves it before releasing it as he flies up with the bird. He joins the young girl at the pavilion as she hugs him. She shows him the Tower of Jewels in LS with a pan down revealing the entire building. Next is a VLS of the tower and part of the pavilion at night, lit by spotlights. The scene fades out before fading in again to a crowd passing through the pavilion in WS. The last shot is of a train going by.