This is a clip on horses at the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, followed by some parade shots and then a discussion of the closing ceremonies, with VO. It opens with a LS of carriages and horses being walked on a road. Cut to a WS of a horse and rider running off screen, with a match on action of them jumping a hurdle, crowd in stands in the BG. A LS of the crowd and a horse and rider in FG comes next. There is a WS of what looks like an award ceremony for just a moment. Parade floats go by in three LSs, then a CU of the Liberty Bell, apparently brought over for the event. MS of men marching, then a LS of a parade. Several similar shots of a parade and marching men follow, from different vantage points. Fade to black, then open back up on closing day, with a MS of the man in charge in FG, a gun salute in BG. A LS pan of the crowd at the ceremony, then CU of the flag being lowered from the Tower of Jewels. A LS of the exhibition is followed by images in the night sky at the fair to close out the clip.

Not Explicit