This clip is about Jewel City, built for a world’s fair exposition in San Francisco in 1915, known as the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The clip is the first part of two on this subject. A VO describes the images in the film, as well as interesting facts about Jewel City. First there is a quick LS of a crowd, followed by a WS of men walking toward the camera. With a cut we see a LS pan of the exposition grounds, and then cut to President Woodrow Wilson speaking in a MS. A cut to him in WS follows, before a cut to a pan down of the Tower of Jewels. Next is a VLS of what appears to be the tower. Next there’s a cut to a MS of an engine and a man pointing to it. Another LS follows of a large crowd surrounding the Fountain of Energy. There is a cut to a VLS of the crowd at the exposition, before the clip fades out. With a fade in, we see a title card and begin to hear more about Jewel City. A LS of connected columns comes in view, and a girl walks in before she runs off in the next shot. Next we see the girl in another LS by a pond, before running off again as a cut connects her movements, next showing her running through a forest in WS. She smiles at the camera and smells some flowers, which appear to be Calla lilies. She faces the camera once more, then runs off screen. The next cut reveals her running to the pavilion in a MS, throwing sand off a balcony in a sort of offering. A WS of the city shows her dancing before it. She then runs up the steps of the pavilion and walks in front of the fountain as well as in front of very large columns as the clip ends.

Not Explicit