1960s anti-drug film in New York. An old Cadillac ambulance (Ghostbusters-style) races through Manhattan, into Bellevue Hospital Center. Two police officers emerge first from the ambulance. Siren close up. An interview with doctor, "Samuel Gershon, MD. Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital," talks about rise of psychiatric cases due to drug use, including middle class young people. Audio interview with drug addict, over footage of nervous, sweaty patient talking to a doctor and smoking on a hospital bed. Exterior shot of building with "Psychiatric Hospital" above the entrance. A number of thirtysomethings in suits and cocktail dresses at a party smoke a joint; the joint is passed around until the final woman shakes her head and says no. Then an interview with a British man in a suit and glasses, who tells the story of his model student son who died of a drug overdose. Narrated by Robert Mitchum