90001_40811 A Movable Scene_08.mov

90001_40811 A Movable Scene_08

Hippies on a pilgrimage in the 1960s. Likely an ashram in India, Kathmandu or "the Himalayas at 4500 feet." Hippies in Hindu garb ascend stairs with temple in the background. A group of hippies sit in a circle, talking and smoking. Various shots of the temple & hippies smoking, praying, and playing drums. Interview with conservatively dressed Rev. C Mason Harvey of Santa Monica, CA, who talks about from his experience drug addicts are selfish and self-centered. More shots of hippies on the street, singing and dancing at a festival, and smoking at the ashram. A young man with an Afro/Jewfro crosses the street, then interview with J. Thomas Ungerleider M.D. of UCLA who explains that parents should not equate long hair to LSD use. Narrated by Robert Mitchum.

Not Explicit