Hippies on a pilgrimage in the 1960s. Likely an ashram in India, Kathmandu or "the Himalayas at 4500 feet." Hippies in Hindu garb ascend stairs with temple in the background. A group of hippies sit in a circle, talking and smoking. Various shots of the temple & hippies smoking, praying, and playing drums. Interview with conservatively dressed Rev. C Mason Harvey of Santa Monica, CA, who talks about from his experience drug addicts are selfish and self-centered. More shots of hippies on the street, singing and dancing at a festival, and smoking at the ashram. A young man with an Afro/Jewfro crosses the street, then interview with J. Thomas Ungerleider M.D. of UCLA who explains that parents should not equate long hair to LSD use. Narrated by Robert Mitchum.