Voice-over narration throughout. Universal newsreel. "Grey Count Wins Inaugural H'Cap at New Coast Track" Del Mar, California. Moving long shot of the crowd at the new Del Mar horse race track. Various close up shots of famous folks in attendance including Bob Burns, Pat O'Brien, Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyk and Bing Crosby. Moving medium shots of horses and jockeys racing around the new track. Close up shot of man with binoculars watching the race and eating in the stands. Moving medium shot of Grey Count winning the rae with a huge lead and driving finish. 

"Mid-West Boy Wins National Marbles Title" Wildwood, New Jersey. Long shots of the rings and surrounding crowd at the national marbles championships. Close up shot of marbles champion in action. Close up shot of marbles in ring. Close up shots of crowd in stands. Long shot of marbles champion being crowned with other contestants surrounding him for a photo opp.