Shot of a Chinese themed theater, Graumann’s Chinese Theatre, on a clear day in Los Angeles from the street. Marquees with red letters. Many people on the ground outside the theater. Cars drive by. Narration about the theater is straightforward and talks about the guests.Close up shot of a sign reading “Chinese Theatre” on the side of a marquee. Another shot of the word “Chinese” above the marquee with decorative neon. Shot of the main theater pagoda pans down to view the people on the ground from behind. On the ground are actor handprints in cement tiles.Shot of a woman pressing her hand on a handprint under the name Judy Garland. Only her arm is visible. Shot of a different tile reading “May this cement our friendship.” with the name Joan Crawford in cursive and a date that reads 9-14-29. Another tile with Bing Crosby written in the cement is shown. Then another that is for Marilyn Monroe.Outside shot of the congregated theater audience. Fade to black.Arial shot of a large building in Forest Lawn. The narrator describes its value to those who wish to mourn the dead. Shot from a small lake viewing black fountains and even a swan with homes, cars, and people in the background. Another shot of a marble statue fountain of a woman in a lake beside a park with a small epitaph or sign. Close up of a cherub on the statue.Shot of another marble statue with two men wrestling. Different shot of a statue of David on a platform with surrounding greenery. Different shot of a statue of Jesus above bushes and a tile walkway, with trees behind.Shot of same swan, lake, and black fountains as before.Wide shot of a black statue in front of a large wall with an inscription on it. Grass and trees are visible surrounding. Low angle shot of same statue and wall. It may be George Washington. The wall’s inscription reads “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen”.Shot of a large historical American piece that appears to be a mural but is actually a mosaic according to the narrator. It depicts the Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence, and has a large tablet on the left explaining the art. Visitors gaze at it. Closeup of the mosaic.Shot of several white statues on one platform in interaction with each other and two people viewing them. Larger shot of more people wandering through the garden and a fade to black.Shot of a blue helicopter flying in the sky. Arial shot of a road and white buildings, some appearing to be under construction or demolished.Closeup of a sign for “Angel’s Flight Railway: The Shortest Railroad In The World”. Front shot of the Angel’s Flight train ascending up the tracks with a few passengers. Narrator explains it can be boarded for pennies.Shot of a red gate at Chinatown with Chinese characters on it and the street near it. People waiting to cross the street.Shot of the decorated roofs of Chinatown. Detailed shot of a roof with small replicas of several horses and riders on top. The roof is blue and gold.Closeup of a yellow banner with Chinese characters. Beside it is a similar blue banner.Shot of street signs in Chinatown.