Shot of a sign for the Movieland Wax Museum. Outside shot of the white museum with columns. It has grass and cars in front of it. Shot of a roped off car in gold paint in front.Shot of two wax figures. One is a woman in a dress and the other is a man in a suit with a moustache. The narrator introduces them as “Gable and Lee from Gone With The Wind”. Another two figures, a woman in a white dress and hat and a man in dirty naval garb, are shown and introduced as “Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in the great action-adventure African Queen”. Shot of a yellow clock face. Pan to a Gary Cooper wax figure with a black hat and a black vest. Shot of a Charles Laughton wax figure as Henry VIII wearing a hat and a shawl. Shot of a wax Brigitte Bardot in underwear. Shot of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein wax figure. Shot of a wax Bela Lugosi as Dracula with a wax woman, and another shot that reveals a fake owl behind him. Shot of wax Laurel and Hardy figures. Shot of a wax Rudolph Valentino.The narrator spends time discussing Valentino’s impact. Shot of a park with trees. Shot of the street signs Longpre and Cherokee. Shot of bushes and benches. Shot of black marble tribute to Rudolph Valentino. The narrator notes that the shrine was paid for by fan donations. Closeup of the inscription on the shrine.