1938. Forest Hills, New York. The National Tennis Championship. Bird's eye view of Alice Marble playing tennis against Nancye Wynne Bolton. WS of a crowded stadium. LS of Marble. LS of Wynne. Marble wins the match. LS of Marble accepting trophy. CU of Marble smiling. Don Budge and Gene Mako walk on tennis court. Bird's eye view Budge and Mako playing tennis. LS of Mako. LS of Budge. Bird's eye view of Budge winning the match. Budge jumps over tennis net. LS of Budge accepting trophy. CU of Budge.

1938. Wilmette, Illinois. LS of Patty Berg and Estelle Page teeing off in the Women's National Golf Tournament at the Westmoreland Country Club. WS of crowd walking across golf course. LS of Berg putting near sand trap (with a crowd in the background). LS of Berg's winning shot. Page kisses Berg on the cheek and shakes her hand. MS of Berg accepting her trophy. CU of Berg with her trophy.