CU of Nixon watching tv off-screen. Camera pulls back, Nixon speaks to someone on his campaign team. A group of people sit on a sofa behind Nixon as he speaks to them about tallying votes. Camera pushes in on Nixon's secretary, Rosemary Wood. Pat Buchanan is also sitting on the sofa, camera zooms in on Pat. Reverse shot of Nixon and his campaign team watching TV. Cut to CBS coverage of a Republican convention that where Nixon wins 8 delegates. Nixon, Reagan, Rockefeller and Other are featured. Nixon has the most votes, wins the delegates. Mrs. Nixon walks in, she is greeted by Frank Shakespeare. She crosses the room next to Nixon. Nixon speaks to staff, then Nixon laughs. OTS of Nixon staffers, Nixon sits in his chair in a wide shot. Nixon staff cheers as delegates are announced, Nixon takes notes. Cut to shot feed from TV, a man announces the New Jersey delegation goes to Nixon. Nixon excited that he has 18 delegates. Nixon tells a staffer to make a note of win. Cut to feed of the republican convention, camera tracks over the convention crowd. Nixon in his chair on the phone asking someone a question. Nixon staffers laugh. CU of Nixon speaking, "there we worked for those", the he laughs. Cut back to staffers laughing on the couch. Cut to feed from the Wisconsin Republican convention. Nixon, Rockefeller, Reagan and "others" listed on-screen with ballot count. Cut back to Med shot of Nixon in chair.