Campaign staffers talking off-screen as Nixon sits in a chair and takes notes. Nixon says to staff, "He really deserves it. He worked his tail off." Cut to feed of the convention, Nixon, Reagan, Rockefeller, and "others" are displayed on-screen with their ballot numbers. Voice of someone announcing that the delegation from Wisconsin cast their 30 votes for Richard Nixon. Staffers cheer as Nixon says speaks. Wide shot of staffers clapping around Nixon. Two women on the sofa behind Nixon hug. Nixon says, "Sit down and get to work". Reverse shot- staffers all stand and move about the room. Nixon asks who wants to keep his notes as a souvenir. Cut back to the Republican convention, names are again displayed with their respective vote tallies. The announcer asks that Reagan come up to the stage and speak. Med shot of Reagan walking with campaign staff. Cut back to Nixon's office -Nixon's daughter, Tricia Nixon Cox asks, "What's his problem" about Reagan. Med wides shot of Nixon family and staffers watching TV. Nixon explains Reagan has an obligation to make a statement. Cut to reporter segueing into next section, an interview with Nixon in his apartment. Med shot of interviewer on the sofa with Nixon. Med shot of Nixon on sofa being interviewed. He talks about the tension that is tearing American apart today will require leadership of new kind. It's not simply about getting laws passed, but moral leadership is now necessary, which will reconcile the country.