This clip includes footage from the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and the Republican National Convention of 1968. MS of Robert Kennedy speaking to a large crowd in Los Angels. MS of him walking through the crowd, turning to his wife Ethel at one point. A VO begins to narrate what happened that night. Shaky camera and then gun shot sounds as the camera settles on a MS of Kennedy lying on the floor, two men holding his head with their hands. Several shaky shots of shocked crowd members follow, then a MWS of his accused assassin. Cut to black, then open on palm trees with a pan down to a convention scene. A woman in a bikini hands out flyers as the VO indicates that the Republicans met in Miami in this year for the convention. MS of picket signs, then MWS of Rockefeller raising his arms to the crowd. Ronald Reagan in MWS walking up to a podium back indoors to declare candidacy (MS of him saying this). Cut to Richard Nixon, who was chosen as the Republican candidate, and his wife exiting a plane In MWS, with a zoom in to MS. MS of him walking through a crowd and talking to journalists. LS of a convention.