This clip is of the 1968 elections, featuring Nixon and Humphrey in particular. Open on LS of a convention. CU of some of the signs, then CU of a man in a boater hat with a ribbon around it that says “Nixon”. LS zoom out of the convention, then a MS of the crowd carrying Nixon signs. MS of Nixon and his double peace/victory signs smiling wide. ELS of an enormous crowd. MCU of him speaking at the podium to the spectators. ELS of student protesters in Chicago, then a few MS of the riots below as police batter participants. LS of a Democratic convention, then an ELS of it. Pan LS of Hubert Humphrey shaking hands, then a zoom in to MS. Shots of the crowd, then MS of him and his Vice President candidate, Edmund Muskie. Shots at the convention, then a MS of Wallace speaking. MS of people yelling in a crowd. MS of Nixon supporters. MS of Nixon shaking hands, CU of the action. MS of Humphrey shaking hands with people around him.