This clip is of the 1968 presidential election, the October Surprise, the Paris Peace Accords, and Nixon’s victory. MS of Hubert Humphrey talking to Edmund Muskie. MS of Humphrey in a car with Ted Kennedy. LS of a crowd, then MS of Humphrey speaking, with a zoom out and pan right to the crowd. LS of a ballroom for the Paris talks. MS then zoom in of Lyndon B. Johnson ceasing attacks in North Vietnam (the October Surprise). Shots from the Paris Peace Accords, then MS of a man going into a booth on Election Day. MS of Humphrey admitting defeat. MWS of Nixon with peace/victory signs and his family. CU of his smiling face. LS of the crowd, then MCU of him giving a speech. MS of the White House, then a movement down to Nixon and Johnson talking in MCU.