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Boats competing in the 1970 America’s Cup. CU Intrepid crossing in front of buoy as VO says Intrepid and Valiant remain in trial races. CU Valiant and Intrepid observed by a selection committee. CU committee talking in canopied boat wearing sunglasses and matching straw hats. CU boats taking with spectator boats in background. VO that Intrepid wins fifth victory in a row; CO Intrepid; fish line cannon fired. CU Valiant and Intrepid sailing head-to-head; they round a buoy and tack simultaneously. VO about how close the race was, but that Intrepid wins. CU Intrepid coming into harbor as finish line cannon fires. CU selection committee standing; CU committee coming alongside Intrepid. VO that crew told they’d defend the Cup. CU of Valiant crew cheering. CU Intrepid crew cheering Valiant. CU of Valiant skipper congratulating Ficker, smiling and shaking hand.