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Boats competing in the 1970 America’s Cup. CU Gretel slowly crossing France in a trial race; VO says wins. CU Baron jumping aboard France; VO that he will be new skipper. CU Baron at the the helm, dressed as skipper. CU France sailing race in dense fog; VO that abandoned third race because lost in fog. Gretel wins third trial race, making her the challenger of the cup. CU Baron walking in parking lot with other well-dressed people. VO says Baron upset the foggy race wasn’t canceled. WS sailboats crossing each other. VO says in mid-August, American boats begin final elimination series. CU Valiant. CU Weatherly. VO that Weatherly eliminated. CU Heritage. VO that she is eliminated by losing to both Valiant and Intrepid. CU Morgan saying that he will try again.