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Coverage of the 1970 America’s Cup. CU Gretel’s crew adjusting her spinnaker. CU Intrepid tacking just ahead of Gretel. Birdseye view of Intrepid rounding a mark. CU from side of Gretel just behind Intrepid. CU race official watching through binoculars. Birdseye view of Gretel pulling ahead as Intrepid tacks. CU race officials’ boat; finish line cannon; VO says Gretel wins; CU Gretel. CU Intrepid’s crew. VO says the two crews cheer each other. Official on dock talks and holds up three fingers; VO says he comments there are “just three more” races. CU woman waving Australian flag and man playing bagpipes on dock. CU Gretel’s crew slicing green sheet cake. CU crowd waving Australian flag, celebrating. CU Intrepid and Gretel pulling out of the starting line by the official start boat. Intrepid gains on Gretel, which is nearly a full boat ahead; VO says superior tactics and practice opportunities may have been why. CU Intrepid leaving Gretel behind. CU boats clearing the fifth mark. VO that Intrepid wins by nearly two minutes. Cannon fires while CU of Intrepid and Gretel with Intrepid far ahead.