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Coverage of the 1970 America’s Cup. CU Intrepid’s crew celebrating above deck. They’ve just won America’s Cup against the challenger Gretel. CU Intrepid’s crew toasting with the Coast Guard in the background. CU Bill Strawbridge, Intrepid’s manager, with Ficker. Crew throws Ficker in water and jump in after him. Cut to crew helping Ficker climb back onto Intrepid. Ficker hugs and kisses his wife and daughter on the dock. CU commodore Clayton Ewing (spelling?) pulling up in boat. CU Burr Bartram, head of Intrepid’s syndicate, in chair on dock; kisses young woman’s cheek after she speaks animatedly with him. CU Gretel’s crew using the harbormaster’s launch boat by rocking it back and forth comically. CU press conference with Rolex advertisement (multiple working clocks) in background; the two skippers exchange sweaters. CU Lipton trophy, award for runner up in the competition, awarded to Valiant’s skipper. CU van Dyke, Ewing, and Ficker around the Cup. VO says inscribed with the name Intrepid. CU Intrepid moving quickly.