This clip contains footage of a couple driving, the husband, played by Harold Lloyd, is pecked by chickens and ducks, and a scheming couple.Begins with MS of 3 men in a car, the driver is sleepy and the 2 men in the back are arguing. Cuts to the husband and wife, the husband shakes his fist at them. MCU of the couple in their car, a chicken coop sits at the back of the car. As they laugh together a chicken pecks at his head. He looks back occasionally before throwing feed in the coop, of which he eats a handful. The chicken continues pecking at him. CU of the wife laughing. Then a duck pecks at his head and he tries swatting it away. CU of the wife laughing harder. He places a package behind his head protecting him from the pecking beaks. Cuts to a pack of chickens feeding in the road, their car drives over them. One lands inside the car and the husband pushes it into the coop. Cuts to another group of chickens feeding in the road. The husband opens the door of the coop as they drive over the chickens and one lands into the coop. He closes the door and feeds them. Intertitle: Nightfall. Cuts to a tower and fake lighting goes off in the background. A quick shot of rain falling and window shutters slamming into the wall. Cuts to interior of the estate where the uncle paces and his wife sits at the desk, the butler appears and closes a chest on the desk. Lightning strikes and the butler runs back in looking terrified. CU of the woman at the desk smiling with an idea. She approaches the uncle and points at the butler as she speaks to him. The uncle approaches the butler and tells him that ghosts roam this estate on this date once every 4 years. The butler looks around and gulps, he nods his head as the uncle points at him.