This clip contains footage of people being scared by what they think are ghosts but are people covered in white sheets. Begins with a little boy covered in flour running through a hallway, the husband comes out as he runs into another room and he chases after him. Intertitle: Come out! The little boy comes out with his hands up as the uncle’s mistress backs out with her back to the husband’s. They touch backs and all 3 run away in fear. The husband runs into the linen closet and hides behind a sheet. As he grabs onto one he feels the uncle underneath it, he backs away only to run into the butler, he runs out in a frenzy. As he runs into the hallway he collides with the uncle’s mistress and realizes she’s the ghost. Cuts to the uncle in the linen closet clapping his hands and speaks to the butler thinking it’s his mistress. The butler removes his sheet and grabs the uncle by the back of the coat. The butler drags him out to the hall with the husband and mistress. The husband points them to the door and the butler drags them out. MCU of the couple talking and laughing. Cuts to a pair of trousers walking out of a room. CU of the husband seeing the trousers, his hair stands up straight. CU of the wife looking frightened. The little boy pulls down the trousers and turns to the couple. CU as his hair deflates and he smiles. The little boy smiles back, the couple laughs. A black woman, mammy character, enters and ushers the boy off before handing the couple their pajamas, they thank her. As they begin heading to their rooms the husband realizes he has her nightgown, they exchange pajamas and link arms walking to the same room. Intertitle: Say! What’s Our Name?