This clip contains footage of people being scared and hiding. Begins with a cat on a high shelf. CU of the couple laughing. Cuts back to the cat who jumps off, knocking down dishes and scaring the couple and little boy who scramble out of the kitchen. The little boy jumps into a cabinet filled with flour. The wife runs into another room while the husband hides under a table. He crawls out towards the flour cabinet and the little boy pops out covered in flour, causing him to run, jump on a table and knock it over. Cuts to the wife jumping and she opens a wooden chest and climbs inside. The husband comes running and jumps into the chest with her. They open the lid and look at each other and duck back inside, then they lift the lid again and hop out together. The couple talk by the staircase as the wife looks frightened. MS of someone covered in white cloth walking down the stairs in BG. The wife turns and screams before running upstairs, the husband turns and finds himself alone. Cuts to the wife running into a bedroom. The husband runs up the stairs and calls for her on the landing. Cuts to the uncle who is donning a white sheet, his shadow is projected on the wall and looks like a monster, the wife sees this and screams and runs. Cuts to the husband in a room by a white curtain where the butler is hiding, the husband backs away. Him and his wife hit backs in the hallway and run in opposite directions. The husband is back in the room and holds a gun to the curtain. Cuts to the uncle’s mistress who smiles before covering herself in a white sheet. The husband hits the curtain with a rod and the butler comes running out with the curtain over him. He runs into the mistress and they both run in opposite directions. Cuts to the wife hiding under bed covers, the butler runs through. Cuts to the uncle in a linen closet, he hides behind a sheet, the butler runs in and hides behind another. The husband runs into the bedroom and unknowingly hits his wife hiding under the covers. She throws the covers off and the pair stare at each other.