Contains footage of Memorial Stadium, and various locations in Berkeley.Begins with a packed crowd in Memorial Stadium, students walk past. The drum major leads the band, a California banner hangs above them. MS from the field as the crowd creates a “C” with cardboard. The football players run along the field. From the field the crowd makes Berkeley signs. MS of women along the sideline, one awaits to be crowned Miss Football. MS of the women in swimsuits with their feet in a pool. Cuts to 3 of them sitting together, they all wear sashes. A man in a suit stands by a microphone with a woman in a white fluffy gown and white gloves. Cuts to a woman with a sash and tiara holding a bouquet of flowers, a Cal mascot stands in the back. Cuts to 2 businessmen in an office, a man signs a paper. The pair stand and shake hands. CU of the handshake. Cuts to POV from a dinner table where the President of the Chamber of Commerce sits at a round table with other men. Yellow flowers and lit candles are in the center. Cuts to a roundabout with a water fountain, the rose garden, Cutter Laboratories, a street with Breuners store, various busy streets and WS of Berkeley. Ends with PAN of the city and a sunset.