This clip contains footage of Berkeley’s Rose Garden, and the University of California campus.Begins with the Berkeley Rose Garden sign hanging over blooming roses. Rows of yellow roses bloom in the garden. WS of the garden resembling an amphitheater. A woman with short hair and pearl earrings smells a yellow rose and smiles. CU of a pink/yellow rose, a red, then a yellow rose. WS of a square pond, blooming roses in FG. WS PAN of the University of California. Zoom in to Sather Tower. WS of Berkeley from the tower. Various shots of the campus, including the zoology building. Shot of a faculty building where a woman passes as well as a man in yellow. WS of the track, bleachers are visible. LS of a street with parked cars alongside, a white building stands in BG. Cuts to a court where 2 young boys walk pass, a large white building in BG. Zoom in to the radiation laboratory. WS of the building and a yellow ‘C’ in the grass. WS of the cyclotron building. WS of California Memorial Stadium in Strawberry Canyon.