Footage of a Miss America pageant and a horse race in New Hampshire.Miss America Arizona Beauty is the New Queen. WS of a city hall filled with clapping people. Women walk down a cat walk in formal gowns. They stop at the end of the runway and smile. Next the women walk down wearing swimsuits. WS of the auditorium as the curtains open to reveal the final 5 contestants. A man in a tuxedo reads the winner, Vonda Kay Van Dyke, from a paper and the winner is kissed on the cheek by her fellow contestant. The crowd claps. Miss Arizona receives her crown and a bouquet of flowers. She poses with her fellow contestants. CU of her face as she smiles and cries. Sports. New Hampshire. LS of a road in Salem, a banner hangs overhead reading: The N.H. Sweepstakes First in the Nation. A large group of spectators stand on the grass. WS of the track as the horses are released and race down. The scoreboard reveals the winner as 9. WS of the winning horse and jockey.