This newsreel contains footage of a volcano, the world’s fastest ship Liner United States, a Miss America pageant, and a Mrs. America pageant, a Miss Europe pageant, and actress Marilyn Monroe in a parade. Begins with 2 men lifting a dead body on a gurney into a morgue. Cuts to Ms of 2 men with a telescope by the volcano Kilauea. CU of bubbling lava. WS of the volcano, the ground is streaked with molten lava and the volcano’s opening is bubbling over. CU of bubbling lava. Cuts to WS of New York’s Harbor as the Liner United States sails on her maiden voyage to Europe, it is surrounded by boats. MCU of the liner, a tugboat sails next to it. WS PAN of the liner, hoses go off in FG. Cuts to Miss America Pageant. MS of a line of women in bathing suits, each has a sash with their state’s name. MCU as the previous Miss America gives her crown to the newest winner. CU of Eva Langley of Georgia as she smiles with her crown. Cuts to line up of women for Mrs. America. CU as a woman faints and falls to the floor after hearing she’s won. CU as the woman sits on a throne and is crowned. PAN from her toes to face as she wears her sash and crown. Cuts to Miss Europe, women in swimsuits and heels walk across a stage. MCU as Miss Europe has a sash placed around her. MCU as she gives an air kiss to the crowd. Cuts to MS of Marilyn Monroe on the back of a convertible in a parade. She smiles and waves to the crowd. Ends with CU of her face.