In this newsreel clip, Senator Joseph McCarthy’s wedding is hilighted, along with the Miss and Mrs. America pageants, the execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg at Sing Sing prison, and the kidnapping of Bobby Greenlease and subsequent execution of Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady.The clip opens on MS of Joseph McCarthy seated at a hearing. Cut to him walking down the steps of a church with his bride, Jean Kerr. She gets a MCU. LS of beauty queens walking by. Evelyn Margaret Ay of Pennsylvania is crowned Miss America. Shot of women in bathing suits at the Mrs. America pageant. Erna Snyder from Pennsylvania is crowned Mrs. America. She is shown with her two boys and her husband. Next is a LS of Sing Sing Prison. In MWS Julius and Ethel Rosenberg come out of a room as their picture is taken. ELS of a march with a sign that says “Save the Rosenbergs”. MWS of some of the people who carry flowers and umbrellas. A woman cries at their funeral; the caskets are showed. LS of a mansion, then still photograph of Bobby Greenlease. Shots of a shallow grave, then MCUs of Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Brown Heady, the killers, as they are led by police.