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Phone company advertising superiority because of the backing of AT&T, Western Electric, and Bell Laboratory; often overdone to comic affect. Shot of Western Electric. Black man enters gate. Man opens gate. Women assemble telephone parts in factory. CU red telephone exteriors on racks. Huge reels wind electric cables in a factory. Men arrange switchboards, etc. Men in supply belts examine boxes. CU boxes on warehouse shelves of supplies from other companies, supplied by Western Electric, used by Bell. Man removes chain cordoning of supplies labeled “Emergency,” which are then loaded onto plane for, the VO says, emergency communication breakdowns. CU items on belt for plane. Low shot of cars on industrial bridge. Supply drives into area with broken trees. Men in area that looks recently destroyed by natural disaster unload communication supply boxes from truck and set them up. High angle of military defense system constructed by Bell. Shot of guided missile taking off.