This clip is about telephone operators at work at switchboards, with some footage of other jobs related to telephone operator work. Clip opens on MWS of woman speaking, cut to LS of five phone operators before switchboards, camera at their backs. MS movement on their side to show hands busily moving wires. MCU of telephone operator moving things around, then CUs of switchboards, wires, and a punch clock. MWS of women at desks looking through phonebooks, next a MS closer in on one of the ladies. Return to the MWS of the woman speaking to a crowd, two women’s heads flanking the left and right sides of the screen. MCU of the woman speaking, then a LS of the women in a circle listening. Return to the MWS. MS of a supervisor teaching someone how to use a switchboard. CU of hands moving wires on a switchboard over desk space, then camera movement out to show the ladies at work in MCU. CU of one of the women at the switchboard smiling for the camera, then another CU of the switchboard. Another side shot of the telephone operators at work in MCU, then a MCU head on shot of one of them. MS of one seated woman, then a tracking shot down the line. Cut to MCU tracking shot of two women at work. MWS of an installer putting in some switchboards. , then a MS of an electric company worker fixing some telephone lines. MS of a bill clerk at what looks like a large cash register, calculator, or adding machine.