Clip contains various magazine ads and drawing of magazine stand. Clip begins with radio waves and the word Radio appearing one letter at a time. It then zooms to the letter O, a cartoon radio appears in the center. The 0 fades away. The background behind the radio turns into different drawn slides of a house, a boat, car, car grill, patio, conference table, radio antenna, microphone, film reel, headphones, control board, and ends on a house. Sequence of clips as small squares appearing and disappearing until full screen appears. Cartoon magazine stand appears and zooms onto a street sign post with the words “consumer magazines”. Pan to advertisement featuring ocean and bed frame. Advertisement for Cole Swimsuits, female in bathing suit on beach, CU of “And isn’t it time somebody created an absolutely wild scandal for nice girls?” Advertisement flips open “The Great Cole Scandal Suit” features a blonde woman on a bed on a beach. Qantas advertisement CU of white water rafting featuring males with life vests, except for one dressed in a suit. Tag line “For longer trips, of course, I fly Qantas”. Qantas ad with busy London street and elderly lady riding bicycle holding hat with Big Ben in background. Three food ads appear, macaroni and mashed potatoes. CU of three ads. Ad with hands cleaning Tar Gard on tissue, tag line “You can’t clean your lungs the way you clean your Tar Gard”. Zooms out and clip ends.