Contains footage of children returning to school, winter sports, atomic bomb testing, the beginning of the Korean War, Marilyn Monroe entertaining troops, and a farewell speech by Douglas MacArthur at Congress.Begins with interior of a school as children in a single file line enter from outside. MS of young children at their desks opening a thin book. MCU of a brunette little girl writing with a pencil. A dog with a short tale puts his paw on a step and wags his tail as he barks at the closed door. PAN of a bobsled/ luge going along a curve before crashing into snow, sending some passengers flying, spectators watch from a mountainside. Quick shots of a motorbike race where one motorist crashes, and a bicycle race that features a number of cyclists falling off the track. Cuts to a skier going off and jump and losing control, he flails his arm as he falls to the ground losing one ski and sliding to the bottom of the snowy hill. Cuts to a water-skier who hits a buoy and flies forward, crashing into the water. MS of a sign: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Nevada Proving Ground Mercury, Nevada; a man stands near the sign and a bus drives past. MS of a living room filled with a mannequin family. CU of a boy mannequin. Troops enter bunkers. A man at a picnic table uses a typewriter. Various shots of cameramen adjusting their shots and lenses, some men wear headphones. WS of a mushroom cloud produced by an atomic bomb. MS of people seated with large glasses, they are lit up by the explosion. PAN down of a Korean building. WS interior of the United Nations, people seated in rows. MS of troops exiting a plane with US Air Force written on the side, a soldier lays down a backpack on the ground. WS of the troops by a plane. LS of the troops. Cuts to a stage where Marilyn Monroe enters, she wears a black dress. Smiling, she approaches the microphones and holds onto one. MS of people cheering. WS of General Douglas MacArthur, he is surrounded by people but there is a spotlight on him as he speaks with 2 other men, flashes from cameras are visible. A sign is held in a crowd stating: MacArthur for President! MacArthur walks in uniform. Cuts to MS of MacArthur at congress giving a farewell speech. He stands at a podium and when he is done, the 2 men behind him stand.