Contains footage of the Indianapolis 500, horse race, and the Winter Olympics.Begins with a race on the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway. Cars round the track, PAN of the audience in the middle. Dave MacDonald’s car crashes into the medium and explodes, fire and smoke cover the screen. People in the audience scream and point as black smoke billows into the sky. More car pile up in the crash. LS of the track as the car continues to burn and other drivers race past. The track is cleared and the race continues. MS of the track from the bleachers. A man waves a checkered flag. The winner drives onto the grass and is greeted by his pit crew. Cuts to a stable where men walk their horses. CU of a plaque reading Kelso Wonder Horse. MS of Kelso the horse in his stable. WS of a huge crowd that came to see the horse race. Kelso crosses the finish line first. His jockey rides him through a crowd, paparazzi take photos. A man holds a sugar cube in his palm and Kelso eats it. Cuts to a yacht along the water. Ships race in the America’s Cup. WS aerial view of the ships. Cuts to the Olympic Rings on a gate that is lifted up. PAN of a bobsled gliding down the run. A skier pushes down the mountain. Another skier weaves and bobs in between flags. Speed skaters race down an icy track. New Jersey barber’s apprentice Terry McDermott breaks the old record held by Russia. CU of McDermott being interviewed. Ends with WS of skiers jumping off platforms and landing.