This newsreel contains footage of Eisenhower’s birthday, a HUAC hearing with Brownell involving Truman and Harry Dexter White, a speech from Truman. Begins with MS of Robert Taft’s coffin, it is covered in lilies and a service member stands in front of it. Cuts to CU of Martin Durkin, Secretary of Labor, who resigns. Cuts to MS of Eisenhower and wife on stage next to an enormous birthday cake. CU of Eisenhower placing a piece of cake on a plate his wife holds. MS of Eisenhower shaking hands with Ezra T. Benson, agricultural secretary. Cuts to Benson seated at a desk holding up a chart. WS of a field of wheat blowing in the wind. WS of a canyon filled with sheep. CU of then Attorney General Brownell. CU of Brownell smiling and looking through papers. MS of Truman walking down the sidewalk, he is surrounded by men, some are journalists and hold microphones to him, CU of him walking. CU of Truman as he addresses the camera in regards to the appointment of Harry Dexter White (an alleged Communist.) Cuts to Brownell in the courtroom for a HUAC hearing.