This newsreel contains footage of an earthquake in Greece, and riots in Trieste and Tehran.Begins with WS of 2 men on a stretch of land surrounded by fast moving water. WS of a damaged home alongside the water. MS in Greece, people run through an alley. MCU of a building crumbling. MCU of women and children gathered around a broken machine, the women are crying. MCU of a woman who cries out. MS of people lying in gurneys, many have bandages around their heads, nurses and doctors seen walking through. WS PAN of a damaged home. Cuts to a map of Greece indicating Trieste, VO discusses zone A of Trieste being given over to Italy. MS of a building, papers are thrown out of a window. MS of papers and furniture being burned. WS of people in the street, an overturned car is on fire. MS of a man running through the street, policemen with rifles attempt to catch him but he is able to run away. MS of a man being shoved by a policeman. MS of policemen and members of the crowd who raised chairs to defend themselves. MS of troops exiting a building, spectators watch in FG. MS of people clapping, many troops stand in a line. Cuts to WS of Tehran as people run holding a flag. MS of a man beating another man in front of a car. MS of a statue of Mohammad Mosaddegh on a horse being pulled down. MS of an Iranian military official speaking to a crowd. Various shots of people running through the street. MCU of people in the street holding a painting of Mohammed Reza Shah. MS of Shah walking down airstairs.