This clip shows changes in power in Iran and French Morocco, details some sea rescues, and shows Dwight D. Eisenhower’s inauguration, all in 1953.Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah (monarch) of Iran, is shown speaking to some people in front of some stairs. Shot of a court room. MS of Mohammad Mosaddegh, former prime minister/chancellor of Iran, looking like he is about to faint. Cut to a shot of him yelling and looking lively. The next shots show Mohammad Ben Arafa sitting down after he has replaced Sultan Mohammad V, who was exiled to Corsica. Lonely there, Mohammad V requested that his wives be sent; twenty of them get on a plane in the following shots. A Navy patrol bomber is shown in the water, then a rescue boat pulls a man out of the water. More men are pulled out. A Liberian freighter is shown being overtaken by waves. The cruise ship Ile de France saves some of the crew. Next, Eisenhower is shown in a parade after being elected president. People sit in trees at his inauguration. Truman is shown in MS, then Eisenhower comes up next.

Not Explicit