This newsreel contains footage of the space race, this first astronauts into orbit, the landing on the moon, the Vietnam War, antiwar demonstrations in London, Madrid, and Washington DC, and a population rise.Begins with a telescope rotating, a man adjusts it. WS of a rocket launch. WS of people watching the launch. An astronaut walks along a hall, CU of Colonel John Glenn smiling. CU of cross streets Astronaut Way and Bowling Green Broadway. WS of a parade, streamers fall from above on top of a huge crowd. MCU of Scott Carpenter in a convertible waving. CU of Walter Schirra. PAN of Neil Armstrong and David Scott in full gear. The astronauts enter a room with men wearing jumpers with ‘McDonnell’ or ‘NASA’ on the back, the men enter the Gemini Spaceship. WS of a rocket in the air. Interior of the control room. Various shots of American troops marching onto the coast of Vietnam. A helicopter flies overhead. Troops talk in a field, 2 are Asian, one is black, the other white; the Asian officer speaks on the phone. Shots of troops walking through fields and wooded areas. A plane takes off from a carrier. WS of Naval planes flying over water. Cuts to a protest in London; a sign says: We Are Ashamed with an American flag on the back, young people clash with a policeman who pushes them back. CU of a sign: No al imperialismo yankee (No Yankee Imperialism), various shots of Spanish protesters. A group of them burn American flags. Cuts to a protest in Washington DC, PAN of a huge crowd, a man is dragged by 3 policemen. MS of a US Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census board, 3 men stand in front, a number at the top marks the population. MCU of the number changing to 190000000. Lights on a map of the US light up. Various shots of babies in a hospital ward.