This clip contains footage of Churchill at the US Congress, meeting with FDR, meeting with Stalin, and footage of WW2 combat.Begins with soldiers firing a cannon. Various shots of WW2 combat including soldiers hiding in bunkers and running across bridges holding weapons. Cuts to soldiers walking past POWs whose hands are raised. CU of the POWs. Various shots of soldiers and POWs. Cuts to Churchill addressing the United States Congress; Churchill holds his hands to his chest. Cuts to large plane craft, Churchill exits from the bottom and shakes hands with a man greeting him. Cuts to MCU of the British and Soviet Union flag. Cuts to int. of a room where Stalin and Churchill meet. MCU of the 2 talking and laughing. Cuts to Churchill and FDR sitting with Churchill with military men. Various shots of the 2 seated together talking. Cuts to Tehran, where Churchill passes him a baton. The 2 shake hands and their photos are taken. The 2 walk past military men together.